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The exquisite aroma and taste of Costa Rican Coffee offers a varied range of sensations and mixed experiences. Behind every cup of Costa Rican coffee there’s a complex story and great dedication of thousands of coffee producers from this tropical country. Exceptional and hand-made coffee cultivated at ideal temperature ranges that generate attributes and characteristics appreciated by the most sophisticated consumers. Is a well-balanced coffee, with a lot more subtle body than aroma and taste, excellent acidity, evident floral scent, and splendid sweet and delicate taste. It has an acidity that explodes in the mouth and stays for a while in the palate, leaving a light spicy spark that feels in the tongue and creates a brittle vibration for an instant.

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Costa Rican coffee is the pride of their people, and for many, the best coffee in the world. Due to its irresistible characteristics, such as its taste, scent, body and acidity, it is without a doubt, a delight to the senses. 100 percent of Costa Rican coffee is Arabica coffee from the varieties Caturra and Catauaí. It produces a premium quality grain of great taste, guaranteeing a cup of the highest quality. Costa Rica by law prohibits the cultivation of any coffee other than Arabica, this is to preserve the quality of the Costa Rican coffee cup.

The Arabica coffee that is produced in Costa Rica, requires the most specific conditions of latitude, altitude and climate for its production. Most importantly, however, it requires the special and essential attribute: high quality soil. Costa Rican coffee is cultivated in its fertile lands of volcanic origin and minimum acidity, at an altitude between 2600 and 5200 Feet (800-1600 Meters), the climate of which has temperatures between 62° and 82° F.

With all the natural elements available, Costa Rica is without a doubt a paradise of biodiversity; the perfect place to cultivate the best coffee grain in the world. To obtain a coffee that satisfies the highest quality standards, this coffee is cultivated and selected completely by hand, by using the “picking method”. This is to assure that only the ripe, red grains are harvested and utilized in this process. Such methods, where the green, bitter and fermented grains are eliminated, have been perfected over time, and guarantee a coffee of the highest quality. The famous “sun drying system”, where coffee is laid on cement for 7 full days, is the most demanded system in the global markets, because it produces the most exquisite taste and penetrating scent.

Costa Rican coffee is classified as one of finest species of Arabica coffee. In 2007, during the nineteenth festival and annual conference tasting, by the Roaster Guiad Cupping Pavillion of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, Costa Rican coffee was selected by expert judges as one of the best three coffees in the world. In 2010 during the Cup of Excellence Competition, once again, a panel of expert judges awarded Costa Rican coffee, first place. Over the last 200 years, the Costa Rican method of production has been perfected, every year this coffee seems to get better and better, winning awards, satisfying the most refined palates and pleasing the global coffee community. It is beyond question that this coffee is not only a Costa Rican pride, but one of the best coffees in the world.

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